Here’s the truth…

There’s a chance you are frustrated investing in weekly privates and putting so much energy into the sport, without the results you were hoping for. Maybe you have had improvements, moving up to the 1st team but you still aren’t involved in your team’s offense. You have the passion, the love, commitment and discipline and are doing all the “right things” but you aren’t seeing your hard work actually yield the results you want. I created the Middle Beast Academy to help Middle Blockers just like you. I want to turn more Middle Blockers just like you into Middle Beasts. I want to help the next generation of Middle Blockers get more sets, stuff more balls and become an offensive threat for their team.
When I was younger I was so frustrated with volleyball. I didn't know how to read the setter and I was always getting stuck in the middle of the court leaving me with a feeling of shame. My eyes were telling me one thing, my feet were telling me another and I felt like I couldn't help my team. I was always jealous of the middles that could get blocks and I had a really hard time not comparing myself to other middles that seemed to have a much bigger role on their team.

“ Where do I even start? ”

If you’re on this page, there’s a chance you have the same question.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of the principles and concepts that can make you a more consistent blocker and an offensive middle, it’ll steal the most precious resource - your time.

Can you relate to this…

You spend everyday in the summer playing volleyball, only to come back to the house and hit the ball against the wall, against the roof, you teach your sibling how to pepper, just so you can get extra touches but when you went to your next tryout in the fall, you didn’t make any of the teams you had hoped to make.

Which in return makes you have less confidence, anxiety and confusion - if you have what it takes, after a full summer playing as much volleyball as you could.

Maybe you made the first team but you are still not playing as much as you liked. You want to help your team more but don’t know how to contribute.

Imagine this…

Imagine waking up with a clear strategy of what you’re going to focus on in practice, rather than hoping your outcomes will be good or the coaches will give you the perfect tip

Imagine instead of getting blocked and feeling ashamed, you’re able to pivot to the next ball with the same confidence you had after your last kill

Imagine a future where you are a second ahead of the setter because you know what to look for picking up their tells and giveaways making your reads more efficient

Imagine a future where you can spike consistently around commit blockers because you understand timing, spacing, and how to be creative in your shot selection.

Imagine a future where your teammates and coaches are in constant disbelief because you always happen to make the right read and be in the right spot with your hands.

Imagine you know where the middles will spike before because you learned how to watch film and you were able to pick up on their hitting tendencies.

Imagine getting an email back from your dream school, that you previously thought was impossible

How to join the Middle Beast Academy?

ALL IN Year Membership


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Welcome to the team and all the perks of being ALL IN plus 2 months of membership for Free. You will get access to the Monthly Master Class and you will be entered each month for a free 1v1 with Jeff Jendryk.

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Why Middle Beast Academy?

The sport of volleyball is continuously evolving, getting faster and more powerful as Middles must become more creative and efficient to get points. The courses, clinics, drills and webinars are jam-packed full of the most updated principles and concepts but they are short to the point where you won’t feel overwhelmed.

The Academy is designed for the next generation of middles who eat/sleep/dream volleyball and desire to put as much time, energy and focus back into the sport and their development to becoming their best version as a blocker and offensive threat

& guess what? When you join you’ll get access to a monthly Middle Beast Master Class, where you’ll meet up and work with me and like minded athletes and coaches. So, you don’t have to grow alone - we’re all in this together. Whether it’s questions about technical, tactical or the inevitable debilitating emotions you’ll experience - I got your back.

Let's Get to Work

If you're ready to take responsibility for your journey and to begin thinking,
living and training like a pro - this is the community for you.

Unlimited Streaming of all Content

Drills and Exercises for each course

1 Live Q&A Every Month

Behind the scenes access to NEB athlete film sessions & games

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Access

Access to the live Monthly Master Class with Jeff Jendryk

I see you…

You’re willing to run through a wall to improve your game with extra reps, privates every other day and playing doubles outside of training but you feel something is missing. Maybe you got a late start to the sport and feel you’re down thousands of reps compared to other athletes at your age. You don’t want to leave your success up to chance and you want to continue to play as long as you can.

If you’re here now, it’s because you’re ready to level up your game and begin understanding the principles and concepts that professional and NCAA middles use to be more efficient and consistent.

The Middle Beast Academy is different than any other volleyball community out there because

It’s a membership so it is always evolving just like the sport of volleyball is. It is always updated with drills, clinics and more videos for you to learn as the sport changes

There is footage on several middles blockers so you can invest in which style you prefer rather than hoping for good outcomes

There is plenty of film of the physical game but also learning about the mentality of a middle is just as important

This membership is affordable for those at every stage of their journey. One month of membership is half the cost of a private lesson

Ready to spend less time being anxious and nervous on the court and begin playing the game you love with consistent excitement, confidence and joy?

I’m Here to Help!

Hi everyone, I'm Jeff Jendryk. Professional Middle Blocker, Silver Medalist, 2x Middle Blocker of the year in the German League, current member of Team USA, and Most Outstanding Player as a freshman winning the NCAA Division 1 National Championship.

Once I became a pro, I faced the hard reality that there was very little leadership, mentoring or coaching available to me. I was only scoring a couple points per game and didn't know what to do - I was always thinking about my mistakes, and lost confidence in myself. I needed someone to direct me on the right path but I didn’t have anyone to guide me. It turned out to be the best experience for me as I began to take more responsibility, watching hours upon hours of film on the best middles in the world and I started to get clear on the concepts and principles that I believed would help me become a more efficient blocker and offensive beast for my team.

As I began sharing my career as a professional middle blocker and a member of Team USA, I was shocked to see how many youth middle blockers were anxious, insecure and seemingly lost in how they can improve as a middle blocker, looking for any type of guidance.

I created this Academy to share the concepts that have helped me become a better attacker and blocker with the goal of creating content and drills that are easily understood to empower the next generation of middle blockers to learn and train the game like a pro, before they become one.

If you’re wondering if
the Middle Beast Academy is for you

This is for you if…

  • You eat/dream/sleep volleyball
  • You are open to learning and growing
  • You’re tired of feeling insecure and nervous in tight moments
  • You want to make 2023 your biggest year yet
  • You feel overwhelmed with your lack of progress
  • You’re nervous or unsure if you can continue playing at the next level
  • You’re ready to take more responsibility in your volleyball journey
  • You’re already getting extra reps but want to get more out of your time in the gym
  • You believe your journey in the sport is just getting started
  • You want a system you learn and put in place that is proven to give real results
  • You want to have more fun playing the game you love

This isn’t for you if…

  • You want the magic pill that’s going to make you a great player
  • You are playing the sport for someone else rather than yourself
  • You are looking for 1v1 coaching
  • You already believe you know everything about passing, defense and tactics
  • You’re not interested in watching film and/or courses
  • You feel there is only one way to play the game
  • You believe training with your team is enough
  • You are fine with where you are right now

What's included in the Middle Beast Academy

  • Route Course
  • Chance to win monthly 1v1 call with me (for Annual members)
  • Hours of Middle footage for you to study
  • Drills to help you work more intentionally
  • Access to the Live Monthly Master Class with Jeff Jendryk
  • Blocking Course (Level 1)
  • Attacking Course (Level 1)
  • Goof to Beast Course
  • 1:1 Calls with NCAA Middle Beasts

The Middle Beast Academy isn’t just another “volleyball online community”... It’s a 12-month transformation process that will take you from…


Upload preview


Step 1: Learn

Breaking down attacking and blocking where athletes fail, while learning how to train to become more efficient, starting with your eye work and foot work - with a live monthly Master Class each month

Step 2: Implement

Simple yet detailed drills for you to get to work, most drills only need a friend, coach or parent for you to work on the individual concept or principle.

Step 3: Feedback

I love when athletes send me videos of their attacking range or their split step movement to block to the pins. Just a quick video - followed by a small adjustment can lead to huge clarity and huge gains - I got your back each step of the way.

Step 4: Repeat

On to the next concept or principle - it’s important that you don’t rush through each concept and/or course. The strategies you have learned each month to build upon a strong foundation for success on the court in blocking and attacking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help.

  • Do I need to be a certain age to benefit from this content?

    I've found that 14 years old is the youngest age. All of these concepts and principles can be used from 14 - Professional.

  • Can I access Libero Academy from my phone or tablet?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Email us at [email protected] to see if you're ready for a 1:1 mentorship with Jeff Jendryk

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • How can I work with you one on one?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Do you do 1v1 privates?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

Are you ready for change?

Have you spent hours trying to figure out things on your own? Hours and hours of privates but you feel you aren’t gaining a deeper grasp on the concepts and techniques that will help you be more consistent? Dreaming of the days where you can take over the match by killing every ball and being a blocker that everyone fears. Are you tired of watching the gold medal matches and ready to be the one that people are watching on the last day of the tournament? Then the Middle Beast Academy is for you

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How to join the Middle Beast Academy?

$40 Value


Go ALL in on yourself and get 2 months free on us.

$500 Value

Entered to win a Free 1v1 Zoom with Jeff Jendryk

Chat 1v1, watch film with Jeff Jendryk, get clear on your technical work so you can improve on and learn from professional video.

$1000 Value

Live Monthly Middle Beast Master Class with Jeff Jendryk

Join the community every month to go over a concept with Jeff, get 2-3 drills to practice it and ask any questions you have at the end.

Created for YOU!

This self-paced membership program with support from myself will help you take your attacking and blocking game to the next level. With small yet powerful concepts and drills so you can take more responsibility in accomplishing your goals in the sport. I designed this membership to minimize your confusion and make sure that you learn and implement before moving on.

The Middle Beast Academy will change the way you see, learn, train and compete. It’s a more mindful approach, focusing on the intention rather than the outcome. After 12 months in the Middle Beast Academy, you will know how to confidently train, scout, review video and reframe tough emotions so you are always moving forward - regardless of where you live, what team you are and what stage of your journey you are at.

Bonuses included in the Middle Beast Academy

  • Access to the Monthly Master Class
  • Full replays of every Webinar and Master Class
  • Chance to win a FREE 1:1 call with me with the “ALL IN” Membership

You have two options:


You can choose to struggle and hope what you’re doing and being taught will bring big results


You can join us inside the Middle Beast Academy and spend the next 12 months building and optimizing your
 game through the help of a current professional Middle Blocker. Seeing real results day after day and receiving
 continual support on your journey.


If you’re ready, tap the button below, fill out your information and get immediate access to the Middle Beast Academy and get to work RIGHT NOW.

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